Today Current Affairs February 11, 2021

Today Current Affairs February 11, 2021

This section contains Today Current Affairs February 11, 2021, on Daily Basis and this page especially covers today’s Current Affairs Questions with Answers of February 11. Practice these top Today Current Affairs to get an edge over your competition. Also, see other sections of this website such as History GKGeography GKPolitical GKScience GK, and other important topics of your exams.

1. Recently India has signed an agreement with which country for the construction of Lalandar ‘Shahtoot’ dam?

    [A] Afghanistan
    [B] Bangladesh
    [C] Pakistan
    [D] Nepal

2. Which state’s Chief Minister has recently launched a new line of packaged organic products?

    [A] Uttar Pradesh
    [B] Manipur
    [C] Tripura
    [D] Madhya Pradesh

3. Recently HAL has signed an agreement with which company for cooperation in two important areas in India?

    [A] TATA
    [B] Rolls Royce
    [C] Ford
    [D] Toyota

4. Which country’s army will deploy dogs for Covid-19 test?

    [A] USA
    [B] India
    [C] China
    [D] Japan

5. Recently with which country has New Zealand suspends ties?

    [A] Myanmar
    [B] India
    [C] China
    [D] UAE

6. Recently, which country has facilitated transit traffic to India?

    [A] Nepal
    [B] Sri Lanka
    [C] Afghanistan
    [D] Pakistan

7. Who has been appointed by Indigo as its new Chief Financial Officer?

    [A] Ajitesh Mishra
    [B] Shikhar Sharma
    [C] Jiten Chopra
    [D] Ritesh Joshi

8. Where is the first public hearing organized recently?

    [A] Uttarkhand
    [B] Jammu & Kashmir
    [C] Uttar Pradesh
    [D] Haryana

9. Which film has received the Tiger Award for Best Film at the 50th Rotterdam International Film Festival?

    [A] Pebbles
    [B] Choked
    [C] Bonus
    [D] The White Tiger

10. When is International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebrated?

    [A] 10 February
    [B] 11 February
    [C] 12 February
    [D] 13 February

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