Today Current Affairs February 8, 2021

Today Current Affairs | February 8

This section contains Today Current Affairs 2021 February 8 on Daily Basis and this page especially covers today’s Current Affairs Questions with Answers of February 8. Practice these top Today Current Affairs to get an edge over your competition. Also, see other sections of this website such as History GKGeography GKPolitical GKScience GK, and other important topics of your exams.

1. Recently the glacier has burst in which state?

    [A] Arunachal Pradesh
    [B] Uttarakhand
    [C] West Bengal
    [D] Jammu & Kashmir

2. Recently Pragya Bharti and Bhasha Gaurav Yojanas has been launched by which state?

    [A] Karnataka
    [B] Meghalaya
    [C] Assam
    [D] Uttar Pradesh

3. Which of the following councils will set up the world’s largest radio telescope?

    [A] European Extremely Large Telescope Council
    [B] Square Kilometer Array Observatory(SKAO) Council
    [C] Embry-Riddle Observatory Council
    [D] James Webb Space Telescope Council

4. What is the theme of the National Horticulture Fair 2021?

    [A] Horticulture for farmers to become entrepreneurs
    [B] Horticulture for Stand-Up India
    [C] Horticulture for start-Up and Stand-Up India
    [D] Horticulture for Start-Up India

5. Which state has organised Chah Bagicha Dhan Puraskar Mela?

    [A] Assam
    [B] Karnataka
    [C] West Bengal
    [D] Himachal Pradesh

6. What does the term CoBRA stand for?

    [A] Commando Battalion to Resolve Action
    [B] Commando Battalion for Resolute Action
    [C] Commando Battalion for Resolute Administration
    [D] Commando Battalion for Resolute Appropriation

7. Which bank has launched a ‘FedFirst’ saving account scheme for children?

    [A] Axis Bank
    [B] HDFC Bank
    [C] Federal Bank
    [D] Bank Of India

8. Which country will estblish the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm by 2030?

    [A] South Korea
    [B] India
    [C] China
    [D] Australia

9. Which space company has been selected by NASA to lauch its SPHEREx Mission?

    [A] ISRO
    [B] Blue Origin
    [C] SpaceX
    [D] JAXA

10. Who will become the first female chief of the World Trade Organization?

    [A] Maria Escandor
    [B] Ngozi Okonjo-lweala
    [C] Sungyo Choi
    [D] Maarit Keitanen

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