Today Current Affairs February 4, 2021

Today Current Affairs | February 4

This section contains Today Current Affairs 2021 February 4 on Daily Basis and this page especially covers today’s Current Affairs Questions with Answers of February 4. Practice these top Today Current Affairs to get an edge over your competition. Also, see other sections of this website such as History GKGeography GKPolitical GKScience GK, and other important topics of your exams.

1. For the first time in how many years has the BCCI canceled the Ranji Trophy event?

    [A] 51
    [B] 87
    [C] 88
    [D] 76

2. Who has launched the innovation sandbox web portal?

    [A] RBI
    [B] SEBI
    [C] BSE
    [D] NITI Aayog

3. Which country has been out of the Colombo terminal project recently?

    [A] China
    [B] India
    [C] Pakistan
    [D] Singapore

4. Which ministry has launched the ASEAN India Hackathon 2021?

    [A] Ministry of Health
    [B] Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
    [C] Ministry of Education
    [D] Ministry of Water

5. Recently Sangeeta Bahadur has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to which country?

    [A] Pakistan
    [B] Myanmar
    [C] Japan
    [D] Malta

6. Who has been awarded the ‘Alert Being’ Icon Award?

    [A] A.R Rahman
    [B] Virat Kohli
    [C] Arijit Singh
    [D] Christiano Ronaldo

7. Recently Ford has partnered with whom to launch cloud based data services?

    [A] Amazon
    [B] Google
    [C] IBM
    [D] TCS

8. Which country has topped the recently released ‘Democracy Index 2020’?

    [A] Finland
    [B] Norway
    [C] New Zealand
    [D] Switzerland

9. Where was India’s first ‘amputee clinic’ launched?

    [A] Vellore
    [B] Chandigarh
    [C] New Delhi
    [D] Chennai

10. Who is the first union territory to become Corona free?

    [A] Puducherry
    [B] Daman & Diu
    [C] Ladakh
    [D] Andaman & Nicobar

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