1500+ Indian History GK Questions and World History GK Questions

Get the most updated and important Indian History GK Questions as well as World History GK Questions covering all the aspects of an exam. Practice our History GK Questions and get ahead of your competition. The Questions cover Indian History GK Questions as well as World History GK Questions.

1. Where were the fossils of the early human being found?

    A) Asia
    B) Africa
    C) Australia
    D) Antarctica

The fossils of early human beings were found in Africa about 2.6 million years back

2. When did the first apperance of human beings took place in india?

    A) 1.3 million years ago
    B) 1.9 million years ago
    C) 2.7 million years ago
    D) 1.4 million years ago

The recent reported artefacts from Bori Maharashtra suggest the apperance of human beings in India was around 1.4 million years ago

3. How many verses did Mahabharata originally consisted of?

    A) 1800
    B) 880
    C) 24000
    D) 100000

Originally Mahabharata consisted of 880 verses then it was raised to 24000 verses. The final compilation brought the number of verses to 100000

4. How many stages of evolution does the Earth’s Crust shows?

    A) 2
    B) 1
    C) 4
    D) 3

The Evolution of Earth’s crust shows four stages

5. How many verses did Ramayana originally consists of?

    A) 8000
    B) 12000
    C) 100000
    D) 6000

Ramayana written by Valmiki originally consisted 6000 verses, which was raised to 12000 and finally 24000 verses

6. How many Mahajanapadas were in number?

    A) 16
    B) 24
    C) 12
    D) 14

Many Janapadas sprung up in 6th century BC, the larger of which were called Mahajanapadas. They were 16 in number

7. When did Vasco da Gama reach the port of Calicut?

    A) 15 June 1497
    B) 16 May 1499
    C) 17 May 1498
    D) None of these

Vasco da Gama reached the port of Calicut on 17 May 1498 and was received by the Hindu ruler of Calicut,Zamorin

8. What was the early capital of Portuguese?

    A) Coachin
    B) Goa
    C) Calicut
    D) Cannanore

Cochin was the early capital of Portuguese in India, later on replaced by Goa

9. When was the Lahore session held?

    A) 1927
    B) 1928
    C) 1929
    D) 1931

The Lahore session ws held in 1929 and was presided by Jawaharlal Nehru

10. When was the Quit India Movement started?

    A) 1940
    B) 1944
    C) 1942
    D) 1935

The All India Congress Committee met at Bombay on 8th August 1942 and passed the famous Quit India resolution

11. Who placed the use of first line number and the use of zero(‘0’)?

    A) Aryabhatta
    B) Brahmagupta
    C) Varahamihira
    D) Bhaskara

Aryabhatta placed the value of first line number and the use of zero(‘0)

12. What was the capital of Harshavardhan?

    A) Bengal
    B) Pataliputra
    C) Kannauj
    D) Gaya

Harshavardhan made Kannauj his capital

13. Which one of these is sometimes called the ‘Fifth Veda’ or ‘Bible of the Tamil Land’?

    A) Tokapiyam
    B) Tirukural or Kural
    C) Aggatiyam
    D) Manimekalai

Tirukural or Kural by Tiruvalular is sometimes called the ‘Fifth Veda’ or ‘Bible of the Tamil Land’. It explains the doctrine of dharma, artha, kama, and moksha.

14. When did Robert Clive became the Governor of Bengal?

    A) 1755
    B) 1857
    C) 1665
    D) 1765

Robert Clive became the first Governor of Bengal in 1765

15. Who first citied the the drain of wealth theory?

    A) Mahatma Gandhi
    B) RC Dutt
    C) Dadabhai Naoroji
    D) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Dadabhai Naoroji first citied the drain of wealth theory in his book Poverty and Un-British Rule in India

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