1500+ Indian Geography GK Questions and World Geography GK Questions

Geography GK Questions play a very important role in almost every competitive exam and if you have the grip on this subject then it increases your chances of cracking. With our comprehensive Geography GK Questions covering both Indian Geography GK Questions as well as World Geography GK Questions get an edge over all your competitions.

16. When was Pluto discovered ?

    A) 1911
    B) 1930
    C) 1956
    D) 2006

Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930

17. Which of them is used for the calculation of distance ?

    A) Light Year
    B) Astronomical unit
    C) Parsec
    D) All of these

Light Year, Astronomical unit, and Parsec all are the unit of measuring distance

18. Which is the densest planet in our solar system ?

    A) Earth
    B) Venus
    C) Jupiter
    D) Saturn

Earth is the densent planet of our solar system and is mainly because of the presence of water on it

19. After how many years do Hailey’s Comet reappears ?

    A) 50 Years
    B) 86 Years
    C) 76 Years
    D) 100 Years

Hailey Comet appears after every 76 years and it was last seen in 1986

20. How many Terrestrial planets are there in our Solar System ?

    A) 7
    B) 4
    C) 1
    D) 2

There are total 4 inner planets and 4 outer planets in our solar system

21. When do the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere takes palce ?

    A) 21st December
    B) 22nd December
    C) 21st June
    D) 21st March

21st June is considered as the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere

22. When do the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere takes palce ?

    A) 21st December
    B) 22nd December
    C) 21st June
    D) 21st March

22nd December is considered as the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere

23. How many time zones do USA and Canada have ?

    A) 5
    B) 1
    C) 2
    D) 4

USA and Canada have 5 time zones whereas Russia has as many as 11 time zones

24. Which instrument is used for measuring the humidity ?

    A) Hygrometer
    B) Sling Psychrometer
    C) Barometer
    D) Both A & B

Hygrometer and Sling Psychrometer are both used for the purpose of measuring humidity

25. Where do we find “Prairie” ?

    A) Eurasia
    B) New Zealand
    C) South Africa
    D) USA

The famous “Prairies” Grassland is found in USA(United States of America)

26. Where do we find “Down” Grasslands ?

    A) Australia
    B) USA
    C) Argentina
    D) Hungary

The “Down” Grassland is found in Australia

27. Where is Atacama desert located or found ?

    A) North Chile
    B) Argentina
    C) Namibia
    D) Iran

The great Atacama Desert is located or found in North Chile

28. Do salinity of water increases it’s density ?

    A) Yes
    B) No

Yes the salinity increases the density of water i.e the more saline the water is the more density it will have

29. Which ocean has the longest coast line ?

    A) Pacific Ocean
    B) Atlantic Ocean
    C) Indian Ocean
    D) Artic Ocean

Though Pacific Ocean is the Largest and the Deepest ocean among the four major oceans of the world but Atlantic Ocean has the longest coast line.

30. Which of the layer of the atmosphere is considered ideal for flying jet aircrafts ?

    A) Stratosphere
    B) Troposphere
    C) Exosphere
    D) Mesosphere

Stratosphere is considered as the ideal layer for the flying of jet aircrafts as it is free from dust particles and also from atmospheric turbulences.

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