1500+ General Science Questions | Science GK Questions

Science plays an important role in one’s selection in any competitive exams. Our General Science Questions or Science GK Questions contains all the variety of questions which have the highest chances of coming in exams. Practice our General Science GK Questions and crack your dream exam.

1. Which is the lowest layer of the atmosphere ?

    A) Stratosphere
    B) Mesosphere
    C) Troposphere
    D) Thermosphere

Troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere which extends up to a height of 10km from the sea level

2. Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer ?

    A) Stratosphere
    B) Thermosphere
    C) Troposphere
    D) Exosphere

The Stratosphere contains the ozone layer(which protects us from harmful UV rays coming from the Sun)

3. How many times is carbondioxide heavier than water ?

    A) 1.5 times
    B) 2 times
    C) 2.5 times
    D) It is not heavier than water

Carbondioxide is 1.5 times heavier than water

4. At what temperature do water have the maximum density ?

    A) 100 Degree Celcius
    B) 37 Degree Celcius
    C) 0 Degree Celcius
    D) 4 Degree Celcius

Water has the maximum density at 4 Degree Celcius

5. Who descovered Nitrogen(N2) ?

    A) Dalton
    B) J.J Thompson
    C) Rutherford
    D) Newton

Nitrogen was discovered by Rutherford in 1771

6. Carbon belongs to which group in Periodic Table ?

    A) Group 12
    B) Group 8
    C) Group 14
    D) Group 5

Carbon belongs to the Group 14 in the Periodic Table and it’s symbol is “C”

7. Who coined the term cell ?

    A) Leeuwenhoek
    B) Robert Hooke
    C) Antoine Lavoisier
    D) R Altmann

Robert Hooke coined the term cell

8. Name the branch of biology which deals with the study of cell ?

    A) Cytology
    B) Zymology
    C) Entomology
    D) Virology

Cytology is the branch of Biology which deals with the study of cell

9. Which of of these is not present in animal cell ?

    A) Cell membrane
    B) Ribosome
    C) Mitochondria
    D) Cell Wall

Cell wall is not present in animal cell and is found only in bacteria and plant cell

10. Which part of the cell helps in carcinogenesis ?

    A) Ribosome
    B) Golgi Aparatus
    C) Lysosomes
    D) Vacuoles

Lysosomes helps in carcinogenesis i.e conversion of a normal cell into cancerous cell

11. How many chambers do a fish heart has ?

    A) 1
    B) 2
    C) 3
    D) 4

A fish has only 2 chambered heart(one auricle and one ventrilcle)

12. How many chambers do an amphibian heart has ?

    A) 3
    B) 4
    C) 2
    D) 5

Amphibians have 3 chambered hearts(two atria and one ventricle)

13. Contractile vacuole is the excretory organ of which organism ?

    A) Tapeworm
    B) Ascaris
    C) Scorpion
    D) Amoeba

Amoeba is the organism which excretes using contractile vacuole

14. Which part of the eye controls the amount of light that enters the eye by changing the size of the pupil ?

    A) Lens
    B) Retina
    C) Iris
    D) Ciliary body

Iris is the part of the eye that controls the amount of light that enters the eye by changing the size of the pupil

15. Which type of lens is used to correct myopia ?

    A) Concave lens
    B) Convex lens
    C) Cylindrical lens
    D) Bifocal lens

Myopia is the case in which a person cannot see the distant objects and it is corrected by using Concave lenses

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