Flipkart Plus Quiz Answers Today – Win Super Coins & Coupons

Flipkart Plus Quiz Answers are given below, so now you can Play & Win Super Coins & Discounted Coupons on Flipkart App by answering all questions to the quiz contest. It is the newest Quiz on the Flipkart App.

As you know that Flipkart Big Billion Days are going to start, so this quiz has been brought up. They have also started multiple quizzes on the app. Also, You can play this quiz if you have the App and a valid account on it and You can play Flipkart Plus Quiz from the Game Zone Section. In addition, motive of this Plus Quiz is test the knowledge of the Flipkart App that you have. All the question of the Flipkart Plus Quiz are about the Flipkart App.

Finally, This post has Flipkart Plus Quiz Answers you need to know to win the Quiz. If you’re new to Flipkart Daily Quiz Contest and don’t know how to win, stay tuned.

It also joins the platform’s new quizzes and games, such as the Flipkart POCO X3 Pro quiz, the Flipkart September Challenge, and others. Everyone who takes part in the Flipkart Plus Quiz has a chance to win supercoins and discount coupons. Click here to see all of the current quizzes on Flipkart.

How to Participate in Flipkart Plus Quiz?

  • Firstly, from the App Store or Google Play Store, get the Flipkart app.
  • Secondly, sign in to the app with your account.
  • If you don’t already have a Flipkart account, you can easily create one using your phone number.
  • Also, after you’ve logged in, go to the bottom centre of the app and click the hamburger style button.
  • Then, go to the Game Zone section of the website.
  • Next, Flipkart Plus Quiz can be found by scrolling down.
  • Finally, to begin the survey, click “Start Survey.”
  • Also, to receive the prize, you must correctly answer all of the questions.

Flipkart Plus Quiz answers today (September 27)

  • Answer 1: 10,000
  • Answer 2: All of the above
  • Answer 3: Yes 

Flipkart Plus Quiz Answers

  1. Flipkart Plus Membership related details and benefits can be viewed by visiting Flipkart Plus Zone?
    Answer: Yes
  2. What are the benefits Flipkart Plus members enjoy all year?
    Answer: All of the Above
  3. Flipkart Plus members earn up to 4 Super Coins on every Rs.100 spent?
    Answer: Yes

Flipkart Plus Quiz questions and answers

Question1: What is the maximum amount a plus customer can pay through Buy Now Pay Later?

Answer: 10,000

Question 2: What are the benefits Flipkart Plus members enjoy?

Answer: All of the above

Question 3: Is this the logo of the Plus program?

Answer: Yes 

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How to Win Flipkart Plus Quiz?

The Flipkart Plus Quiz is a fun addition to the app’s Game Zone feature that puts your knowledge of Flipkart’s loyalty programme to the test. The quiz may be found in the Flipkart app’s Game Zone section. To take the quiz, scroll down to the quiz section and tap the Flipkart Plus Quiz banner.
All all the questions correctly to win the Prizes.

Is there any Quiz on Flipkart to win prizes?

There are 8 ongoing quizzes on Flipkart App. You can Find them in the Flipkart Video Section or Game zone section. Flipkart Plus Quiz is the new contest added to Game zone section.

What are the advantages of becoming a Flipkart Plus member?

Flipkart Plus members receive free and fast shipping, as well as early access to sales and superior customer service. It also provides for super coin payment, as well as an earn and exchange offer for super coins and additional discounts of up to 10% on super coin payment.

What is Flipkart Plus Quiz?

What is Flipkart Plus Quiz?

Firstly, Flipkart Plus Quiz is the app’s most recent quiz. Flipkart is launching new quizzes, games, contests, and more to celebrate the start of the Flipkart Big Billion Days. Anyone with a valid Flipkart user account can play the Flipkart Plus Quiz, which is available on the Flipkart mobile app.

The Flipkart Plus Quiz is a contest for Flipkart Plus users. For those unfamiliar, Flipkart Plus is a loyalty club that provides members with additional privileges such as free shipping, early access to discount events, and 2x SuperCoins when they shop on Flipkart. It also comes with priority customer service and perks from Flipkart Pay Later.

What are the Flipkart Plus Quiz Rewards?

  • SuperCoins
  • Discount vouchers

Through the quiz, Flipkart is testing your knowledge about Flipkart and how well you know about Flipkart super coins, Flipkart Plus service and more.

Flipkart Plus Quiz: terms and conditions

  1. Flipkart notes that it won’t be held responsible for any loss, injury or any other liability arising due to participation by any person in this contest.
  2. During the validity of this contest, Flipkart will not entertain any correspondence.
  3. Flipkart does not endorse the products sold on the platform.
  4. The contest shall be subject to the Income Tax Act, 1961 and all disbursements shall be subject to TDS as applicable.
  5. The participants also agree to indemnify and keep Flipkart or the sellers harmless against all damages, liabilities, cost, expenses, claims, suits and proceedings.

Flipkart Plus Quiz answers today (September 23)

  • Answer 1: Yes
  • Answer 2: Yes
  • Answer 3: No

Flipkart Plus Quiz answers today (September 21)

  • Answer 1: Yes
  • Answer 2: All of the above
  • Answer 3: Yes

Flipkart Plus Quiz answers today (September 20)

  • Answer 1: All the above
  • Answer 2: Unlimited free shipping for plus customers!!!
  • Answer 3: Flipkart Plus Zone

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