Biology Questions For NEET 2021 | Chapter Wise

  • The Living World
  • This section contains Biology Questions For Neet on Chapter Wise Basis and this page especially covers top Biology Questions For NEET of the Chapter “The Living World” which comes under UNIT-I i.e Diversity In The Living World of Class 11 Syllabus. Practice these top Biology Questions For NEET to get an edge over your competition and sharpen your hold on the important topics of NEET.

    Biology Questions For NEET

    1. The Book Historia Generalis Planatarum was published by ?

      A) Aristotle
      B) John Ray
      C) Linnaeus
      D) Lamarck

    2. Who is referred as the Father of Taxonomy ?

      A) John Ray
      B) Aristotle
      C) Darwin
      D) Linnaeus

    3. Who introduced the concept of Evolution ?

      A) Lamarck
      B) linnaeus
      C) Darwin
      D) John Ray

    4. Who proposed the term ‘new systematics’ ?

      A) John Ray
      B) Adanson
      C) Julian Huxley
      D) De Vries

    5. What is the first step in taxonomy ?

      A) Naming
      B) Identification
      C) Description
      D) Classification

    6. Phylogenetic system of classification was given by ?

      A) Hutchinson
      B) Linnaeus
      C) Engler and Prantl
      D) Bentham and Hooker

    7. The Modern clssification is based on ?

      A) Fossils
      B) Phylogeny
      C) Morphology
      D) Physiology

    8. What is a taxon ?

      A) A taxonomic group of any rank
      B) A group of related plants and animals
      C) A type of living organism
      D) A group of related families

    9. What is the Basic unit or lowest taxonomic category ?

      A) Variety
      B) Family
      C) Kingdom
      D) Species

    10. Aristotle divided the animals into ?

      A) Chordata and Nonchordata
      B) Protozoa and Metazoa
      C) Vertebrata and Invertebrata
      D) Enima and Anaima

    11. Species is a group of organism which ?

      A) Interbreed Freely
      B) Do not Interbreed
      C) Live Together
      D) None of these

    12. Linnaeus is credited with ?

      A) Binomial nomenclature
      B) Theory of biogenesis
      C) Discovery of microscope
      D) Discovery of blood circulation

    13. Two or more species occupying the same or overlapping areas are called ?

      A) Sibling
      B) Symptric
      C) Allopatric
      D) Subspecies

    14. True species are ?

      A) Interbreeding
      B) Sharing the same niche
      C) Feeding on the same food
      D) Reproductively isolated

    15. The science of ageing is referred to as ?

      A) Gerontology
      B) Ontogeny
      C) Phylogeny
      D) Developmental biology


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