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  • Biological Classification
  • This section contains Biology Questions For Neet on Chapter Wise Basis and this page especially covers top Biology Questions For NEET of the Chapter “Biological Classification” which comes under UNIT-I i.e of Class 11 Syllabus. Practice these top Biology Questions For NEET to get an edge over your competition and sharpen your hold on Biology Questions For NEET and the important topics of NEET.

    Biology Questions For NEET

    46. Viruses that infect bacteria, multiply and cause their lysis, are called ?

      A) Lipolytic
      B) Lytic
      C) Lysogenic
      D) Lysozymes

    47. Viral genome incorporated and integrates with bacterial genome is refer as ?

      A) Prophages
      B) RNA
      C) DNA
      D) Both B & C

    48. Bacterial nuclear material does not contain ?

      A) Circular DNA
      B) Histones
      C) DNA
      D) Poluamines

    49. Which of the following is not the locomotory organ of protozoa ?

      A) Cilia
      B) Flagella
      C) Parapodia
      D) Pseudopodia

    50. Yeast is not included in protozoans but in fungi because ?

      A) It has no chlorophyll
      B) Some fungal hyphae grow in such a way that they give the appearance of pseudomycelium
      C) It has eukaryotic organisation
      D) Cell wall is made up of cellulose and reserve food material as starch

    51. Rust, Smut and Mushroom all the three are ?

      A) Pathogens
      B) Saprobes
      C) Ascocarps
      D) Basidiocarps

    52. Clamp connection’ are observed in ?

      A) Zygomycetes
      B) Ascomycetes
      C) Oomycetes
      D) Basidiomycetes

    53. Which of the following is a prokaryote ?

      A) Bacteria
      B) Amoeba
      C) Spirogyra
      D) Chlamydomonas

    54. Which is correct ?

      A) Slime moulds are haploid
      B) Dinoflagellates are immotile
      C) Protozoan lack cell wall
      D) Pellicle is absent in Euglena

    55. Oxgenic photosynthesis occurs in ?

      A) Oscillatoria
      B) Rhodospirillum
      C) Chlorobium
      D) Chromatium

    56. Main component of the cell wall of fungi is ?

      A) Cellulose
      B) Pectin
      C) Chitin
      D) Dextrin

    57. Cellulose is the major component of cell wall of ?

      A) Pythium
      B) Pseudomonas
      C) Saccharomyces
      D) Xanthomonas

    58. A phylum common to unicellualr animals and plants is ?

      A) Monera
      B) Plantae
      C) Fungi
      D) Protista

    59. Which of the following are intracellular obligate parasites ?

      A) Bacteria
      B) Slime moulds
      C) Viruses
      D) Blue-green algae

    60. Which of the fungus is of medicinal importance ?

      A) Agaricus
      B) Saccharomyces
      C) Penicillium
      D) Cercospora


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