Biology Questions For NEET 2021 | Chapter Wise

  • Biological Classification
  • This section contains Biology Questions For Neet on Chapter Wise Basis and this page especially covers top Biology Questions For NEET of the Chapter “Biological Classification” which comes under UNIT-I i.e of Class 11 Syllabus. Practice these top Biology Questions For NEET to get an edge over your competition and sharpen your hold on Biology Questions For NEET and the important topics of NEET.

    Biology Questions For NEET

    31. Methanogens are present in the guts of several ruminant animals such as ?

      A) Cows and buffaloes
      B) Cats and dogs
      C) Fishes and turtles
      D) Monkey and apes

    32. Edible mushroom is ?

      A) Morchella
      B) Puccinia
      C) Agaricus
      D) Ustilago

    33. These organisms are mostly marine and photosynthetic ?

      A) Protozoans
      B) Dinoflagellates
      C) Slime moulds
      D) Lichens

    34. The biologist, who created the kingdom Protista for the unicellular animals and plants, is ?

      A) Pasteur
      B) Koch
      C) Lister
      D) Haeckel

    35. Commonly known as imperfect fungi ?

      A) Deuteromycetes
      B) Phycomycetes
      C) Ascomycetes
      D) Basidiomycetes

    36. Which one of the following statement about virus is corerct ?

      A) Viruses possess their own metabolic system
      B) Viruses are faculative parasites
      C) Viruses contain either DNA or RNA
      D) Viruses are readily killed by antibiotics

    37. A unicellular organism, often considered a connecting link between plants and animals is ?

      A) Paramecium
      B) Entamoeba
      C) Monocystis
      D) Euglena

    38. The Lichens represent symbiotic relationship between ?

      A) Algae and fungi
      B) Auxin
      C) Algae and bacteria
      D) Viruses and bacteria

    39. The slime moulds are characterized by the presence of ?

      A) Elaters
      B) Pseudoelaters
      C) Capillitium
      D) Both A & B

    40. Sexual reproduction is absent in ?

      A) Phycomycetes
      B) Deuteromycetes
      C) Ascomycetes
      D) Basidiomycetes

    41. Which of the following are not eukaryotes ?

      A) Protista
      B) Plants
      C) Animals
      D) Monera

    42. Prokaryotes lack which structure ?

      A) Nuclear envelopes
      B) Cell wall
      C) Ribosome
      D) Cell membrane

    43. An ascomycetes fungus is ?

      A) Agaricus
      B) Pleurotes
      C) Phytophthora
      D) Yeast

    44. The accumulated food reserve in fungi is ?

      A) Protein
      B) Starch
      C) Glycogen
      D) Fat

    45. The thalloid body of a slime mould(myomycetes) is known as ?

      A) Mycelium
      B) Protonema
      C) Plasmodium
      D) Fruiting body


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