Biology Questions For NEET 2021 | Chapter Wise

  • The Living World
  • This section contains Biology Questions For Neet on Chapter Wise Basis and this page especially covers top Biology Questions For NEET of the Chapter “The Living World” which comes under UNIT-I i.e Diversity In The Living World of Class 11 Syllabus. Practice these top Biology Questions For NEET to get an edge over your competition and sharpen your hold on Biology Questions For NEET and the important topics of NEET.

    Biology Questions For NEET

    16. An important criterion in the present-day classification is ?

      A) Morphological resemblances
      B) Anatomical and physiological traits
      C) Breeding habits
      D) Presence/absence of notochord

    17. International code of Biological Nomenclature applies to ?

      A) Viruses
      B) Plants
      C) Animals
      D) Both B & C

    18. The specimen used for original publication by the author is ?

      A) Isotype
      B) Syntype
      C) Holotype
      D) Lectotype

    19. Whic of the following is a category ?

      A) Order
      B) Family
      C) Genus
      D) All of these

    20. Which of the following includes the most closely linked organisms ?

      A) Species
      B) Genus
      C) Family
      D) Class

    21. First time Binomial Nomenclature was written in ?

      A) Greek
      B) English
      C) Latin
      D) Italian

    22. Two plants can be conclusively said to belong to the same species if they ?

      A) have more than 90% similar genes
      B) look similar and possess identical secondary metabolites
      C) have the same number of chromosomes
      D) can reproduce freely with each other and form seed

    23. A group of interconnected genera is called ?

      A) Family
      B) Order
      C) phylum
      D) Class

    24. The life span of honey bee drone is ?

      A) 3-4 months
      B) 1-2 months
      C) 6-7 months
      D) 10-12 months

    25. Systema Naturae is written by ?

      A) Aristotle
      B) Linnaeus
      C) Hippocrates
      D) Darwin

    26. Which ws the first National Park established in India ?

      A) Jim Corbet
      B) Kanha
      C) Kaziranga
      D) Gir

    27. The famous botanical garden of kew is located in ?

      A) England
      B) India
      C) Germany
      D) France

    28. The largest herbarium in india is located in ?

      A) National Botanical Garden, Lucknow
      B) Llyod Botanical Garden, Darjeeling
      C) Indian Botanical Garden, Sibpur, Howrah
      D) Forest Research Institute, Dehradun

    29. A system of classification which is based on ancestry of plants is called ?

      A) Natural system
      B) Homologous system
      C) Analogous system
      D) Phylogenetic system

    30. ICBN stands for ?

      A) International Classification of Biological Nomenclature
      B) International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
      C) International Classification of Biological Naming
      D) International Class of Biological Nomenclature


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